Live Video Cloud(PILI)

Qiniu's Live Video Cloud (PILI) is a live streaming broadcast platform which provides global video delivery network and end-to-end services. A number of protocols (RTMP,HLS, HDL) ,data processing services, end-to-end SDK and application performance monitoring are completely supported.

Solution Architecture

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Product Advantages

Intelligent Quality Monitoring

Intelligent Quality Monitoring

Line quality monitoring and real-time dynamic statistics based on single live stream, automatic fault-tolerance and comprehensive data analysis provided, target and optimize video lag rate

Live Real-Time Streaming Networks

Live Real-Time Streaming Networks

The Live Real-Time Streaming Networks use the latest network technology, it performs real-time nodes status calculation,and realizes instant loading,low latency and fast management of node failure.

End-to-end Solution

End-to-end Solution

We provide collection SDKs and player SDKs for multiple platforms, we also open API to for customrization.Our product aims to help developers build the core business of live stream platform quickly and improve development efficiency.

Unique Functions

PILI adopts the development pattern like lego and it is able to continuously accept third-party audio and visual effects with self-defining open interfaces.

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Real-time Recording

Live streaming can be recorded in real-time, stored in the cloud in real-time and be replayed when needed.

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Real-time Watermarks

Image or text watermarks or dynamic watermarks can be customized, which enpowers you to market and protect your content copyright.

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Real-time Snapshot

snap shot during live streaming can be used as live streaming cover.

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Real-time Transcoding

To satisfy various broadcasting demand. streaming which pushed in one track can output different tracks according to specific code rate and resolution.

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Mic Interaction

Host and audience can interact in real-time via microphones,and these interactions can be showcased to third-party audiences.

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Real-time Porn Identification

Real-time Porn Identification and pop-up warnings improves the efficiency of manual content audit.

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Live Streaming Authentication

To prevent content hotlinked, full-range pull stream authentication are supported.

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Banning Inappropriate Live Broadcasting in Seconds

According to inappropriate contents or self-defining setting, live streaming can be banned in seconds.

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Beauty Filter

Flexibly customized beauty filters is supported with low power consumption and high performance

Application Scenarios

PILI can be applied to scenarios of all industries with Live Streaming.

PILI serves more than 4000 live broadcasting platforms, and has been widely used in many industries.It can be faster, more flexible and more open to meet the needs of customers of different industries and scenes for live streaming.

Social Live Streaming

Social Live Streaming

Recreational Live Streaming

Recreational Live Streaming

Online Educational Live Streaming

Online Educational Live Streaming

Medical Live Streaming

Medical Live Streaming

Game Live Streaming

Game Live Streaming

E-commerce Live Streaming

E-commerce Live Streaming

Success Cases

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